Abru Power Arm Loft Ladder Supplied & Fitted

Werner Loft Ladder
Abru Werner Loft Ladder
Abru Werner Loft Ladder
  • Quality 3 section aluminium loft ladder from Abru Werner

  • Spring assisted 'Easy Stow' system allows the user to have total control over the lowering and stowing process.

  • The spring assist also prevents the ladder from dropping when it is being lowered.

  • Large handrail fitted left or right side

  • Non slip grooved treads

  • Lightweight operating pole

  • White safety hatch catch

  • 150kg safe working load

  • EN 14975 (European ladder standard).

  • Maximum floor to floor height 3m.

Abru Werner Loft Ladder

Abru Power Arm loft ladder Supplied & installed £295
including converting existing hatch to drop down.
*New MDF drop down hatch plus £85
*New replacement plastic loft hatch plus £155