ClickFix 76 Folding Loft Ladder

Dolle Clickfix 76 timber loft ladder
Dolle Clickfix 76 Timber  Loft Ladder
Youngman Clickfix 76 Timber Loft Ladder
  • Top quality pine ladder folding into 4 sections with non slip beech treads.

  • The Click Fix 76 reduces heat loss by up to 86% and thus provides the highest insulation value on the market.

  • No loft storage space needed as the ladder stores completely on hatch.

  • Flat 70mm grooved treads

  • Lightweight operating pole

  • 150kg safe working load

  • Maximum ceiling to ceiling height 2.8m

  • Top quality timber loft ladder.

Insullated Loft Hatch

Fitted into enlarged loft opening £775 inclusive
Fitted into new loft opening £875 inclusive